Follow Laure and Fabiana Conection, Edition VI, the dawn of a new world

November 12, 2018 / Laure

Bang Bang agency is partner again  of the VI “ Connection and will be held on Tuesday, November 13 at the Casino de Montbenon. The event orchestrated by the spirited Coco Tâche, editor-in-chief of the collaborative media and community platform, will once again bring together outstanding characters, who are building a better world every day; Louis electrocuted and amputated both two arms at 17, Marianne Sébastien, female entrepreneur 2017, winner of the 2017 prize of the human rights society for her work in Bolivia, Dieter Broers, German biophysicist who predicts the future by studying magnetic fields, and Helene le Berre, a young ethologist and adventurer, who dedicates time an her passion to the preservation of endangered species.

4 interventions, 4 routes, 4 works:

  1. How to overcome pain by the strength of the spirit by Louis Derung. Louis’s life was broken 5 years ago. While he walks along the railroad tracks in Morges, he is electrocuted by an electric arc. He is then 17 years old. He lost both arms. His life is broken On Tuesday he will come to talk to us about his journey, strewn with pitfalls, such as the impossibility of being put prosthesis, his trouble with the Health insurances, then his rebirth, his will to fight and to show the world through his book that nothing is impossible and that happiness and life are such you shape them with love and strength.
  2. How to eradicate poverty and violence in the world, Marianne Sébastien’s model .She’s called “Mamita Mariana” and has saved thousands of lives in Bolivia. She will tell us about her fight since she discovered 24 years ago, during her first trip, the misery, the rapes, the abused children she finds on the streets. And it was through her voice that she brought these “idle” to open their heart and speak, by founding the association “Voix libres”. It offers them support through literacy classes, training workshops, family support, while helping them to become self-reliant by granting them micro-credits. Marianne Sébastien, was awarded the 2017 Prize of the International Society for Human Rights Section Switzerland, awarded by the International Society for Human Rights.
  3. What is “spiritual awakening” and why does it concern us all? Dieter Broers, a German biophysicist, philosopher and writer, was among those who believed that the world would change in 2012. But when is 2012? His research focuses on the impact of solar radiation on our behaviour and those of magnetic fields on biological organisms and their state of consciousness. “There are proven relationships between the intensity and variations of the Earth’s magnetic field on the one hand and the states of humour and consciousness of man. Studies have clearly established links between certain magnetic irregularities and the number of admissions to psychiatric clinics, traffic accidents or suicides “, he says. He will bring us further evidence by his testimony. If what he says is true one could conclude on a larger scale that metaphysics would predict the future … to be followed!
  4. How can wild animals teach us to position ourselves in the world and society? Finally in 4th person on stage, Hélène le Berre, young and fresh ethologist who left everything to go on a crusade around the world to save endangered species. At just 31, Hélène Le Berre has a over ten missions (Guinea, Russia, Quebec, Amsterdam Island in the Indian Ocean, Ecuador, etc.). Its home between two projects? Ploemeur. In Brittany. “When I come back from a mission and people ask me “if I don’t’ miss real life”, I tell them that” real life “is where I live over there. Hélène Le Berre is a humanist who deeply believes in life. “I hope young people will care about preserving the planet and discovering the beauty of the world,” she says before concluding, mentioning Dostoevsky: “The beauty will save the world. “


4 Fates, 4 passionate, 4 committed characters to build a better world, that we propose to listen to and meet Tuesday, November 13th. The lectures will start at 19:30 and will be moderated by Didier Disero. The evening will be interspersed with performances by Cesar Correa at the Piano, Miles Meyer at the turntables, and singer Songwriter Fred Persson.

We look forward to counting you among our community for this exceptional event!