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Twiga’s house, Lara & Sandrine offer a home to ten’s of orphans

October 2, 2017 / Laure

2012. During a humanitarian journey Sandrine was confronted with the misery and poverty of the village of Gairo in Tanzania where precariousness, harsh climate and torn families have orphaned many children. Overwhelmed by these destinies already condemned, Sandrine decided with her sister Lara to think of a project of construction of an orphanage. The project really started in 2016 and after a year of development, Sandrine is ready to move to Tanzania next November where she will be staying for 6 months supervising the launch of the building.

With their courage, heart and passion, Lara and Sandrine have already funded a big part of the project, at least the necessary funds to start the building (their spontaneity made them buy the field with their own savings without having any other fund for the house, and the project will certainly see the light of day. I have seen them today and their story has touched me enormously. At Bang Bang we like this kind of initiatives that make the world move forward or at least dress its wounds.

Lara and Sandrine are slightly over 20 years old, but do have dreams of equality and justice. They represent the future of our world and contribute to shape it, with love and sharing. These are the kind of values we share at Bang Bang agency..

Sandrine will leave Switzerland for 6 months in early November in order to start work. Before laying the first stone, the land must be drilled to install a well tear from this cruel and bitter soil to find the water, source of life essential to the project. Lara and Sandrine still need funds for their project help them by your contribution.