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July 5, 2016 / Laure

January 29, 2016, after a terrible professional disillusionment in which Laure slammed the door of a company that was said ethics .. She knocked on the door of Fabiana with a bitter feeling of having been betrayed. “Tired of the those big companies that claim to be ethical, green, responsible, and in addition have no more humanity”.

Because the responsibility should be more than social, it must be animated by feelings rooted in human values. Positivity, honesty and transparency are the three pillars on which Bang Bang was born. Bang Bang is the screen of 2 passionate poeple in marketing who set themselves up against the false supremacy of brands. Bang Bang is trying to hit in the minds of people and companies to signify that one and the other can not anymore more say and believe anything.

Bang Bang believes that a brand must feed the basic human feelings to be able to grow; transparency, loyalty, responsibility. Bang Bang and it’s innovative approach offer brands to assess their loyalty by positioning them on our matrix, subjecting them to our expert network by analyzing what is said about them on the web. Bang Bang believes that a brand must work for the good of all in order to guarantee the well-being and individual profitability. That is why we support all your projects as long as they care for the community. We work with ambassadors of the world and life. As known brand or not, you can benefit from our support and knowledge to make your projects more transparent and reliable.

Because communicating is our strength, our DNA since the beginning of our careers and fare before. We build on ideas, develop concepts to nourish the values of your brand and credibility by putting the benefit not only to consumers but also to the community in order that your brand can mark footprints in building a better world, becoming a key player to rewrite history and becomes eternal.

The idea of Bang Bang was born on 1 February 2016, Bang Bang is born today!

Laure Micheloud & Fabiana Falce Hess