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Water Drop DNA

March 3, 2017 / Laure

« WDDNA is diversity. The project aims to evaluate the repercussion of humankind activities on the sea water biodiversity. Biodiversity, its richness, is a mater to assess the quality of an ecosystem. Nature, where each organism, as small as it might be, has a role to play. Humankind tends to out-step bounds and neglect the effects of its habits on the invisible characteristics of live. From explorer to biologists, a team was assembled to evaluate the quality of our water across a 2 year experiment all around the globe.

You will, in this scientific endeavour, be involved!

As an eco-conscious citizen,

a social-network saviour journalist or

an innovation oriented entrepreneur,

every input counts! »


Bang Bang Agency : the Brain of the project

Mike Horn : The Explorer

Indigo V Expedition : The water DNA specialists

Hackuarium : The scientist consultant (Biohackerspace)