What is your
vision and mission ?

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A responsible brand strategy

I believe that any brand or product wanting to be sustainable and valuable must be meaningful and helpful. The values of your brand build its story, credibility and ensure trust to the consumer. Trust is the main reason to adopt a brand and leads to sales. Trust is built through transparency, fairness and responsibility. My mission is to communicate your brand in an informative and positive way.

How do we achieve that ?

Brand building and management

  • Brand positioning and architecture
  • Brand audit and targeting
  • Experience vision
  • Customer jobs and proposition
  • Consumer insight

What is your
message ?

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A simple and straight communication

I believe that if you express your reason of being in a simple manner, you will reach your customer. Then impactfully throw the right message like a stone in the water, the buzz will radiate. I will define with you how you want to be perceived by the consumer, integrating it with your brands essence to ensure coherency, consistency, and honesty among all communication touch points.

What is the consumer’s benefit ?

Content strategy and design

  • Content strategy
  • Naming and tagline
  • Brand voice and messaging
  • Web design
  • Concept design
  • Drawing

What are your
brand values ?

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Corporate Social responsibility

We will define your values and branding to create an engaging narrative to involve consumers in your brand’s history. I believe that communication is about simple honesty and should be consumer oriented and acting for the good of society.
I believe that a brand must be responsible and engaged. It should be brave, fair and direct and at the right place, at the right time, with the right people and the message will hit the target. Be honest, positive, useful .

How to value your brand ?

Responsible projects and actions

  • CSR expertise and consulting
  • Responsibility newtork
  • Social responsible projects involvement
  • Story telling

How do you interact with others ?

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Corporate, internal communication, personal branding

I think that you, and your employees are the best ambassador of your brand. You build trust through relationships. Trust means self-confidence and self-reliance, which is not always easy to have.

Are you making the most of your people?

Influencer strategy

  • Public relations
  • Ambassadors, amplifiers and influencers strategies
  • Corporate and internal communication
  • Personal branding and development
  • Event concepts


Public Relations and writing


Spread the events values among influencers and tell the beautiful and inspiring stories of those who change the world.

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CSR consulting

Water Drop DNA

Propose social mission and actions and work with the management to integrate responsibility into the company strategy.

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Internal communication campaign

Schindler CTO

Spread the common mission and vision through all levels of the company, giving consistency and mutual commitment to our shared values.

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Corporate communication

Schindler CTO

Redefine and rebrand the CTO department mission and vision, involving every employee as a key responsible actor of the future

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Brand Identity and positioning


Give life and credibility to a new brand through a meaningful and coherent graphical identity and an inspiring content.

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Website and digital design


Create an environment and inspiring offer through an emotional and efficient website.

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Social and environmental project initiative

Water Drop DNA

Engaging consumers to increase awareness of environmental challenges through social media, ambassadorial and educational event communication.

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Responsible strategy and product assessment

Drink Holy

Analyse the receptivity of the Swiss market to a soft wellness drink, assess consumers.

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Personal Branding and development

Do you want to touch the sky?

They are two things you ask yourself when you meet someone ? Will I trust them and will I respect them?.

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Bang Bang Laure

We will define together your brand or communication strategy, find your consumer and build a wonderful experience with your brand by writing, designing, imaging your brand message.

I work independently surrounded by a trusted, playful, and rigorous network of highly skilled among whom we will find the one adapted to your project.

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I am a creative consultant specialized in brand and content.